Week 18

Marco polo is a useful app.  I wasn’t much into it, and did not participate much until I submitted to my guide’s admonitions, and I am still breaking down some of those hesitations.  But now, it is like an addiction to check it, to see who left a message, knowing already that the message will be great.  Big shout out here to Troy Van Dyke, part of my tribe.  That man is a huge inspiration on fearless communication.  Compile that with his drive to make the most of each day, starting early and keeping it sacred, I find in him an awful lot to learn.  And he just gives it in buckets by example and initiative.  So thank you Troy.  My world is a better place because of you.

The recent questions are buzzing through my mind all the time now.  What am I pretending not to know, and what would the person I intend to become do next?  In my thoughts and meditations on these, they actually melded together and became (quotie fingers here, Mark)  ‘What would the person I intend to become pretend not to know?’

And that opened up a whole new can of adventure and unknowns for my future, and its freaking exciting.  To know that the hero’s journey never ends, and even though goals may be accomplished, it is all about refining the process of present harmony and happiness, living each second courageously and not shrinking back from the future me.  The scroll mentions the future casting a shadow on today, as a future tragedy need not affect today and we can’t do anything about it.  Well, I also realized that the future me can cast a negative shadow on the present me, or it can cast a protective shadow as I am rebuilt into what I intend to become.  I see that shadow cast from the future me as a pyramid, a great statue type of object, huge in it’s casting and looking ahead.  Powerful yet restrained, it’s shadow covers me as a mother duck keeps eye over her ducklings.  See, the future me as I see it, is watching over me already and giving me guidance, telling me and motivating me to do this or that, but always with love and care, never with guilt or force or shame.  Mother ducks do not shame their ducklings for a misstep or a poor swim.  Father penguins do not badger their young for attempting to see the ocean before they are ready, sometimes making premature mistakes in youth.  Likewise, the future me I am getting to know even better is more tolerant of my failings, but mainly because he sees the efforts and the directions I am moving towards, and I am moving closer to filling that shadow for myself.  He is not moving towards me, and not even looking at me.  But now and then a movement from his hand blocks wind, rain, snow, lightning, meteor showers and falling dragons and hydras and keeps me safe.  Yes, in my world the sky rains everything, and in the future I need no defense against any evil, and I am capable of protecting others from it as well.  For the evil that we endure is only the evil we create once we understand who we are and what we really can do on this journey.

But the future me will also need to turn away from the me that is now.  I think I will have to be continually holding rituals to get rid of the past versions of me as I become more and more the man I intend to be.  And that is perfectly acceptable to the future me, as he is even more creative and driven than I am.

For those who read this, thanks.  I think it would be really cool to try to make my life one that you would spend a day in, if you could, because it’s pretty great and it’s only getting better.  And I’d like to trade my day for your day so I could see just how awesome it is to be you.  I believe you are already really cool.  I’ve gotten a kick out of the obituaries, and I also have started reading peoples blogs from the beginnings to now to see the changes in people.  Take care everyone and enjoy every second.


6 thoughts on “Week 18

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with MKE! I see a lot of hymbleness between the lines and the words, and humbleness (as I see it) is the best eye opener ever. I am looking forward to read your future posts.

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  2. I super enjoyed that pyramid visual. Totally could grasp that. I too have found my future self to be beautifully nonjudgmental and purely loving. Would love to trade a day checking out your creative creation of bliss!


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