Week 24

It’s all about process and new beginnings.  What I started nearly 2 years before I began this course is now coming full circle in the process of its birth.  I already had the inspiration, the creativity, and the motivation.  I am cleared of distractions that do not further my purpose in life.  It exists in my life only if it funnels down to service.  And only if through that type of service does it bring me closer to my goals.

It is not a finished product, and that is the beauty of it.  I know I am not the same as I was.  There are core parts of my personality that will always be, but there is certainly difference in my level of intent in every moment of my life.

I don’t see things that need to get done and have any questions or hesitations, I just get them done.  It wasn’t always that way.  Life on productive autopilot.

There is time.  More of it than I ever realized until I recognized fully just how much of it was spent in distraction and detraction.  Useless and empty, but no more.  Relaxing is even different, as it is guilt free.  There is no thought of ‘I should be doing something else’.  There is just celebration in the new step achieved, the new shape affiliation, the new color of joy, etc.  The promises kept are now a neat stack, thick and high instead of a small pile strewn randomly with regret as the associated emotion.


I also experienced so much inspiration here.   Nephi, Paul, Charles, Momi, Ben, Ryan, and on and on.  All the readings of other peoples experiences.  So much beauty in the world.  It really was not like that before.  I often replaced a negative thought with an observation in somebody else’s post.  Charles, who wasn’t himself and fought an imposter.  Nephi, who was transgressed against but used it as a tool for growth….

How could I fail or doubt the powers and wonders of humanity when these are my people, when these are the experiences my mind has been surrounded by?

What we focus on really does change who we become.  Automatically.

Write it down and repeat it.


This week I was in training for learning a new computer code language.  It’s just another side note on the adventures in compensation, and willingness, and I know that my life will be full and rich, as my life is full and rich.  Years ago, I never would have dreamed of being in the situations I have been in within this last year.  And knowing it gets better is crazy great.  And for every day, I will kneel and be thankful for it, and thankful to everyone that helped me in the process.

May you smile often and hug hard and long, for as you give, so shall you receive.

I will hear of you, and I know you will hear of me.


3 thoughts on “Week 24

  1. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and you have contributed to me by sharing your thoughts and processes. May you have a lifejourney full and rich of explorations, experiences and insights. May you have a truly good lifejourney.

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