Mid May

It’s not over, it’s never over.  And as has been clearly defined, once you choose and begin to create and give your best, the universe give back to you your invested self in the ways you desire.

I am busier than I have been before, and I usually stay near-frantically occupied, it’s my mode.  Or, shall I say, my past mode.  The exact things I have stated on my dream board/vision board, plus those on my shapes are coming to fruition faster than I would have expected.  It is as though the autopilot has fully kicked in and I am now along for the ride I built for myself, only this time it is also taking others along for the adventure.  I am having fun getting things accomplished, and staying open to new opportunities as well.  It is nice to see though that some of my past endeavors are also bringing forth more effective growth in terms of financial benefits.  I hadn’t expected to be working on boats much anymore, particularly in the mechanical and structural field, but it was a skill I had mastered and know thoroughly, and I do enjoy it as I am able to turn profits fairly quickly and also significantly reduce the service fees to the customers.  Word of mouth travels fast in that realm, but this time I am also looking to train an employee or three as well.  Autonomy serves a purpose but you can’t do everything as effectively alone.

It is all supporting the main purpose, my DMP, and I use my connections with all my services to advertise and network for that one goal.  A truly give-give gain-gain for all parties involved.

Beautiful weather.  It is supposed to rain some this weekend, and I am going to go for a walk in it.